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Design & Dev. Bodasher Studio 

Dream and dare, these are the foundations on which the Studio was founded on. These values do not stand alone.
they entail talent and belief. Talent for original aesthetics thinking and Belief in our ability to change lives through our perception of accurate and inspiring planning.

We promised ourselves to always stretch boundaries towards the unconventional grounds, both in design and innovation.

We find our inspiration in each other, and in you, our clients.


Turman Romano Architecture was founded in 2016, during the last year to our studies at Shenkar Institute for Architecture and Interior Design.

Since then we have proudly completed over 50 projects, we were qualified for the finals of the prestigious competition of the Design Award Association and we conquered the covers of prominent magazines in Israel and abroad.


We do not compromise, not on our dreams and not on yours.


28 years old. A graduate of Shenkar and a lecturer at the institute. Director of Interior and Product Design Department. Her perception of movement and continuity is the guideline for the Studio’s innovative and groundbreaking planning. Her approach to design is total and her audacity paves the way to the Studio’s innovative thinking.



30 years old. Graduate of Shenkar. Since the young age of 8, he has been sketching buildings and creating models in his backyard. At the age of 22 he started working on construction sites, as he believed that before planning, one has to understand the practicality of Architecture.

Director of the Architecture Department, supervises performance on site, lives and breathes the creation.



The two lead the Studio with uncompromising ambition. They balance and connect exterior and interior, design and practicality, dreams and reality.

This unique connection assures you, the client, the best service and the optimal result.