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Location : Nes Ziona

Type : Office


In this project we broke the outline of the casing to divide the space in a unique way that creates unusual and functional spaces. 

The entrance to the office is an expanding angle that implies a continuous space, obscure from the eye. The lounge area expands into the conference room, thus creating a feeling of a larger public area.


The different ceilings and floors are used to define areas and functions, while the angularity of the shapes and the geometric lines diffuse the structure of the space and create a sense of motion. 


The light monochromatic color scheme was chosen to ease the geometry and brighten up the space. Light colored oak carpentry instills a warm and inviting feel throughout the office.


In the open work space area, tropical plantings were installed to separate the public from the private, creating a natural partition and allowing the employees a sense of privacy. The central planter in the office hides behind it a cozy lounge and game area for the employees to relax in.

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