Tushia 17

Tel Aviv 

3000 M²

Occupied by : Hi bob , 

Back in 1955 the Building was built as an Auto Shop.

Neglected for years, we found the building in poor shape that required a complete and thorough renovation.

As part of a series of renovations performed in the area, initiated by DeBlox, the Building is now in the process of a total transformation into a modern office building, inspired by the everlasting values of the Bauhaus architectural traditions.

The 7 story building will feature an undergoing floor, ground floor surrounded by urban gardens, a gallery floor and four typical floors – all designated to perform as modern office spaces.

Hamasger 66

Tel Aviv 

1500 M²

Originally built in 1953, this Building hosted a wide range of businesses and workshops over the years; From Printers and Photographic labs, Craftsmen and Artists, to Night Clubs and Event Venues - This Building has a rich cultural history that blends with the industrial scenery of the area it inhabits.


Commissioned  with DeBlox, the Building was stripped down to its foundations and repurposed into an Office Building.


We maximized the openings to provide the companies well-lit and ventilated work spaces, we created urban gardens all around the building, and a social rooftop for gatherings and events.


Today, the 2000 Sqm complex is a home for various Start-Up Companies that enjoy a fresh industrial design, with respect to the past and eyes to the future.


Hamasger 64

Tel Aviv 

1800 M²

Out of the ruins of a warn out building, a chick Compact Apartment Hotel is emerging. As part of DeBlox endeavors to transform the face of the area - from rows of neglected industrial sturctures into modern buildings that will generate a young vibgrant Hi-Tech neighborhood - this building is meant to offer residential solutions for the young population of workers in the area, looking for affordable compact living, and also for visitors and guests of the surroundung Hi-Tech comapnies.

In addition to designd accomadtion solutions, The building will offer its tennants common spaces such as work spaces and confrence rooms, as part of a broader outlook of modern living - that aims to maximize public spaces in favor of commuinity life and to encourage entrepreneurship.

The new purpose of the building as a Compact Apartment Hotel required meticulous interior planning, and the exhaustion of every Sqm of the space for the benefit of the future residents.


The result is modern and functional residential spaces, that echo the fresh spirits of change blowing in the neighborhood.

Tushia 9

Tel Aviv 

2000 M²

Built in 1942 by Tel Israel Inc, the building was used for refining diamonds and was one of the first refining factories in Israel. 

Over the years, and without maintnance, the building became uninhabitable.
A profound renovation, carried out with DeBlox, exposed the old architectural values of the structure, and brought new life into its spaces.

The building features a double ground floor with a gallery in locksmith work and
two more wide and spacious office floors.

A central flight of stairs ties the entire building together and allows the feeling of one unified space, despite the dIvision into several different offices. 

As part of the inniticiative to create a comunnal lifestyle in the area, the building offers vas street level court yard for all its tenants. 

Fein 3

Tel Aviv 

1300 M²

New Hostel in TLV .

In Progress