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This Project was commissioned by an American family, who arrives in Israel every year for a summer vacation. The family asked to turn a standard apartment into a luxurious holiday home.

Seeing that hospitality is a major part of the family’s lifestyle, the plan includes plenty of lounging areas in an inviting atmosphere.

The most dominant element in this project is the floating roof, supported by Thin constructive beams. It creates a light feel to the space, and a streaming free movement between the indoor and the outdoor space.

The light tones of the color palette open up the space and the heart, while the use of natural materials adds warmth and comfort. 

Planning the Rooftop Balcony was an inseparable part of the design process, and the plantation was chosen in cooperation with a Landscape Architect.


Location : Tel Aviv

Type : Penthouse
Square Meter: 180


תכנית העמדה אתר.jpg
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