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Location : Tel Aviv

Type : Office


When Cycognito reached out to us they were looking for change. Their original office space was strictly designed in black and was lacking natural light. The need for expansion due to the company's growth, entailed the opportunity to create the space that would redefine their experience in the office space.


While The headquarters of the firm are based on the ground floor of a modern office building in TLV, The new additional space is located at the top floor of the same building, and includes a massive roof-top terrace, and abundance of natural light - Perfect foundation for a new and extreme design.


The Company's programme however, was challenging - while asking for a spacious public area, the company's needs for multiple offices and conference rooms, were actually crowding. 


To comply with their demands, we used the small conference rooms as transparent sculptures, swirled in mesh nettings and plantation. The movement in space circles the sculptured rooms and creates a layered space that feels open and flowing.


The Kitchen was planned as the focal point of the office and a connecting link to the outside - placed alongside the rooftop terrasse, it serves the company for assemblies and events, held in the open air.


The entire public space is lined with lounging areas, custom designed to create a wholsom space that flows naturally from the inside to the out. 

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