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16-18 HAZAZ ST.


Location : Tel Aviv

Type : Building Remodel
Square Meter: 2500



This project began with a unique request made by the entrepreneur. He reached out to us upon the purchase of the office building and asked us to create a brand for the building.

We drew inspiration from the unique location of the office building in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and created a brand that will make the foreign function of the building merge into its surroundings.

"The House" is a brand that facilitates office spaces in the enveloping concept of a condominium.

The different stories are designed as flexible spaces that in the future will allow for a mixed use of apartments and offices.

The roof is a place for all the neighbors to meet and socialize, and the lobby is a reflection of a living room in a modern Tel Aviv apartment. It features a grand lounge area, a common kitchen, a dining area and a shared bathroom designed in the standard of a private luxury latrine. All designed to make the residents feel at home.

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