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Location : Tel Aviv

Type : Office


This project touched our hearts from the first moment. We met remarkable people, who allowed us to create a space that coincided with our aesthetic instincts. 

Seeing this was a small scale project, maximizing the space was critical and demanded special attention to every small detail. As a result, the planning process was considerable, even more so than it is with large scale projects. 

To comply with the Client's wishes without compromising on a spacious and pleasant office space, we used cold tones and materials in the public areas: concrete, mirrors, marbel, black and white coatings. In the hallway, slanted elements were installed along the glass partitions, to create fluid and dynamic motion across the office. A mirror set at the end of the hallway creates an optical illusion of a never-ending, full of interest, passageway.

In the public area felt planks were installed as ceilings, continuing into the conference room and opening up the space. The triangled planters and sitting elements situated inside and out of the conference room enhance the illusion of one open space.

The private offices were designed in warm materials, to create a secure and homey feeling for the lawyer's clients.

The Ballet Dancers who participated in the photoshoot session are the last element added to complete our vision for the office, as an elegant and refined space, full of movement and creativity.

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