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Location : Tel Aviv

Type : Office


Out of the ruins of a warn out building, a chick Compact Apartment Hotel is emerging. As part of DeBlox endeavors to transform the face of the area - from rows of neglected industrial sturctures into modern buildings that will generate a young vibgrant Hi-Tech neighborhood - this building is meant to offer residential solutions for the young population of workers in the area, looking for affordable compact living, and also for visitors and guests of the surroundung Hi-Tech comapnies.

In addition to designd accomadtion solutions, The building will offer its tennants common spaces such as work spaces and confrence rooms, as part of a broader outlook of modern living - that aims to maximize public spaces in favor of commuinity life and to encourage entrepreneurship.

The new purpose of the building as a Compact Apartment Hotel required meticulous interior planning, and the exhaustion of every Sqm of the space for the benefit of the future residents.


The result is modern and functional residential spaces, that echo the fresh spirits of change blowing in the neighborhood.

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